Blue topaz cocktail ring, 'Moonlight Prince'.jpg
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Handcrafted Moon Face Blue Topaz and 925 Sterling Silver Ring


Over one carat of blue topaz decorates the crown of this cocktail ring, which features the face of a noble prince, hand-carved of bone. Balinese artisan Komang Suastra designs the ring, framing the face with an ornate sterling silver headdress detailed with bubble and spiral motifs.

  • 10 grams
  • Crown: 2.6 cm H x 1.9 cm W x 1.1 cm D
  • Band width: 4 mm
  • 925 sterling silver, blue topaz, cow bone
  • Color(s) may vary slightly
  • Combination finish
  • Made in Indonesia
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Blue topaz cocktail ring, 'Moonlight Prince'.jpg
Blue topaz cocktail ring, 'Moonlight Prince'2.jpg
Blue topaz cocktail ring, 'Moonlight Prince'3.jpg
Blue topaz cocktail ring, 'Moonlight Prince'4.jpg