“Be well, and do well.”
I am of the sensitive kind, and every living thing has a piece of my heart.
Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.
Nature is essential to the soul.

Established in 2017           Sykesville, Maryland USA

Into the Boho Forest                         

I can promise everything you find inside sits well with the core of my being; to be well, and do well. And with that, because my thoughts are deep, and stories long, I will just say, inside there is unique style indulgence, and eco-friendly clothes. There is handcrafted fine jewelry from artisans around our world. And last but not least, there are gifts that become treasures, and all, ethically priced.

Post Script: Boho Forest partners exclusively with suppliers in the USA, and our eco-friendly selections are manufactured in the USA.


The Journey Unfolding

Boho Forest is just a babe in the woods. Like everything that came before, Boho Forest was born among the myriad of seeds gathered and sowed from the first step, and every step after, of this journey.

It is different with this step, and as strange as it sounds, it feels. Like an almost physical feeling of retracing part of a circle, or a sense of something inside that laid dormant, is waking. Boho Forest feels just like that. Like it is of the same seed that never fully took root some 30 years ago.

I was just a babe in the woods, and it is a whole story in itself. But in short, I was blue jeans and bandanna tops, among a sea of izod tees. Despite my compass spinning mindlessly, I somehow managed a fancy fashion marketing degree.

Opportunity lapped at my feet, but with my head still bobbing in the clouds, and my roots barely grounding, a promised harvest was left completely unacknowledged.

Never tended to, its seeds were taken by the wind, shifting, changing, rearranging; mutated. No promise of abundance in harvest, but with roots well grounded, I tend best I can, the fields with the seeds of Boho Forest.

In this ever unfolding journey, I will dream, and plan, and tend vast fields. And as I gather and sow, all I know to be promised, is the good and the bad, the love and wisdom to be found in both, and the undeniable strength of faith and trust in roots to ground me.

We are all babes in the woods, and till our journey's cross paths, be well, and do well my friends.